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As a result of poor technical service to our furnace this company has caused over $20K worth of damage to our property. After careful consideration, they have offered 15% of that amount in settlement.

Call them if you want your furnace to catch on fire or if you wish a continuous *** of petroleum product to ooze down your furnace chimney and cover anything in sight with the soot. Also check to see how many current legal fights they are emersed in as a result of caring more about greed and less about service to their customers.

It was not enough to contaminate the local drinking waters with leaky gasoline tanks. The gift of Carroll Fuel just keeps on giving.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #593235

Have had Carroll oil for over a year now after having a problem with Griffith Oil concerning a tax refund after buying a new central air unit. Oil delivery from Carroll was swift this fall (2012) but am unable to make payment.

We are always on time paying for any service and have a perfect record. However, my payment was never received since I used my bank account to send an electronic check as I do for all of my bills. Then, to make things worse for us, we received a letter stating they will not deliver oil until our bill for $250 is received. I do not want to waste gas driving to their business.

I have however setup electronic withdraw and hope they can receive my payment that way. I suppose oil will soon be a thing of the past and will have to go natural gas?


My son and I have used Carroll at our homes for many years now. I think they are wonderful!!

They are always so nice when I call, they come out to deliver when they say they will and I have always had great service when needed.

I would highly recommend them!! :)

to roxi827 Baltimore, Maryland, United States #822837

Roxi, Carroll Fuel as you once knew it (in 2011) was owned by the Phelps. This company is now corporately owned and ran by one Eric Schmider.

I can assure you that their business practices are much different and some might go as far as saying unethical. I'm curious to know if in 2014 you still retain them as your service provider.

to Robot #822842

Eric Schmider was involved in Carroll Fuel prior to 2011 and did nothing to resolve issues when contacted as he was the 'point' person for customer issues in the company. Every time I look at my deck and roof where the oil has permanently damaged it and think of the 20K+ estimate needed to replace it (and partial roof), I think of Eric just shrugging off the fact that one of his workman caused the chimney fire during a routine cleaning.

An independent inspector stated that the workman left a rag in the furnace. The Carroll insurer only offered enough for us to paint the oil stains on the side of the building, refusing to offer the full estimate of cost to restore. As we have a guesthouse rental, we did not have the time to wait as OUR CUSTOMERS expected to have a pleasant place to stay. Our roof and deck still have significant oil stains (a fire hazard) despite multiple cleanings by Carroll and by our own power washing crew.

Eric called me after my posting here to insist I remove the posting.

The posting stays, Eric, until we receive FULL compensation for the damage done and Carroll honors its ethical practice of good customer service. So, reader of this posting, do not believe that because Eric is now in charge, the ethics at the company have changed.

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